How to Embed a Video in Email

Tech Tip

Have you ever received an email that seems to have a video embedded in it but you can’t figure out how to recreate it in your email service? It’s probably because your email service doesn’t allow it. The reason your email service doesn’t allow it is because it is frequently a tactic used by spammers.

Oh but wait! You’ve SEEN it done with your own eyes?

Actually, what you’ve likely seen is a video image screenshot that links to a video hosted elsewhere. But it seems like it’s embedded in the email.

In this week’s Tech Tip, I’ll show you how to compose a video fakeout in the email service provider of your choice.

If you try this method, be sure to track your opens and clicks and see how they compare to emails you send without images, and specifically without images that look like a video player. Some people (and some audiences) aren’t likely to click on a video embedded in an email because they’re afraid of spam and have been warned not to. Most people can’t tell that there isn’t actually a video, just an image.

Likewise, some people don’t like images in their emails and some email services don’t show the images. Like any new thing you try, you definitely want to see how your particular audience responds.

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