How to Set up a Leadpages Integration

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In this step by step tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up the Leadpages integration with your WordPress hosted site to create landing pages that look  like they are custom designed.

You spend a lot of time on branding your online business, don’t look like a novice by giving your landing pages the ugly Leadpages url.

Here’s what I mean. See the url in the image below? The “” is a dead giveaway that you’re hosting the page on Leadpages, not on your own website. The reason that’s important is because it makes you look like a novice. It’s a simple fix that will give your landing pages an air of professionalism. Simply integrate Leadpages with your WordPress site using a plug in, and your Leadpages will now look as though they are hosted on your site.

Leadpages Integration


Let’s take a closer look:

Setting up the Leadpages Integration With WordPress


Steps to set up the integration in Leadpages

If you’re integrating a page created earlier on Leadpages, go to your list of saved Leadpages. For this example, we’ll be integrating my Tech Roadmap landing page.  Click on the three dots on the far right.

Leadpages Publishing


After you’ve clicked on the dots, you’ll see a drop down menu. Click on Publishing Options…

Leadpages Integration Publishing Menu


The Publishing Options will have three tabs across the top. Select “WordPress” and then click the button to download the WordPress Plugin. Where you save the plug in on your computer isn’t important, the file will only be there for a few minutes. What is important is to remember where you saved it. If the page you’re creating is brand new, you’ll be taken here when you “Publish” your new page.

Leadpages WordPress Plug in


Leadpages WordPress Integration


Steps to set up the integration in WordPress

For the next step of your Leadpages integration into WordPress, you’ll need to log in to your WordPress site and find Plugins in your left hand menu bar. You’ll get a pop out menu to the side. Click “Add New.”

Leadpages Plug in Integration WordPress

From there you’ll be prompted to upload the Leadpages plug in file you just saved. Follow the instructions to install and enable the plug in. Once it’s been successfully installed, you’ll see that Leadpages now shows as a menu item on your left side menu: Click on it.

Leadpages Plug in

Once you’re in the Leadpages plugin, you’ll be see the “Add a New Leadpage” page. Here you get to decide what type of page you want the page you created to be. Will it be a Landing Page (this is typically what you’ll choose), will it be a Home Page for your website, or do you need something else? Each option has an explanation of what it is. You’ll also see below the page type boxes the ability to choose the url for the page you’re setting up under “Set a Custom Slug.” You don’t have to use the name you used when you created the page.

For this, we’re creating a landing page, so we select that radio button and then you’ll see the “Select a Leadpage” drop down menu. Let’s take a closer look…

Leadpages Add Landing Page WordPress


To find the page you created on Leadpages, look at the drop down menu under Select a Leadpage. If the page you created isn’t showing, click on the circular purple arrows to the right of the drop down menu to refresh the list.

Select Leadpage to Add WordPress

Once you’ve filled in the details and saved the page, you’ll get a message at the top that says “Post published. View post.” If you click the blue view post text, you’ll be taken to the page with the url you created. If it doesn’t look like you expected, make changes to the page itself on Leadpages. There’s no need to re-integrate back on your WordPress site, all Leadpages integrations allow you to make live updates. Once you’ve saved your changes on Leadpages, and saved, the changes will be live on your website.

If you want to change the url for your new page, simply go back to the Leadpages menu item on your site sidebar, find the page listed, and make your changes.

View Leadpage

Your new landing page url will now look like this:

Leadpages Integration WordPress


That is how you set up the integration between Leadpages and WordPress using the plug in. If you’d like a video walk through instead, you can find it below.

If these tech steps aren’t your thing, maybe you’d just like me to set up your integrations for you. You can find my done for you tech services here. 

Good luck and happy integrating!





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