Online Course Launch Strategy: When Is the Best Time to Launch an Online Course?

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Launching has seasons, did you know that?

There are four times of year people are most likely to launch an online course or membership. 

What most people don’t realize, is that the launch process and planning starts months before a launch actually takes place. Right now, for example, I’m working with clients on their launches for August. 

Launches at the end of summer are great for programs that fit the rhythm of the school year, or for people who have school age kids going back to school. I don’t know about you, but I still think of August as the beginning of my year. I crave learning new things in the fall.

Then there’s October. October is a perfect launch month if you want to complete delivery of your course before the holidays. The work I do with clients for October launches typically begins in July.

January. January is really popular for fitness, diet, health-related courses. January launches are a bit tricky because even though the launch usually happens at the beginning of the new year, the launch work needs to be completed before the holidays.

Putting together all of the pieces for a launch is hard enough without having to work it in around school concerts, after-hours parties and decorating our homes! The work on those launches usually happens in early Nov – mid Dec and then we take a bit of a pause for the holidays.

Finally, there’s mid-winter launches for all of the courses people want to deliver before the summer holidays. 

What most people don’t realize about launching is how far ahead you should start your work. I will be doing a launch in November. I started work on it today. 

What about you? When do you plan to launch?

And, although I am not a fan of picking a random date and sticking it on the calendar, I do encourage you to take 15 minutes right now and decide when you think you want to launch and then think about the tasks you’ll need to do and see when you need to get started. 

Want some help with that? I have a free launch planner to help choose the dates for your next launch. You can find it here.

If you originally found me by requesting my launch planner and haven’t made the progress you’d hoped, then reach out and I’ll help you work through how you can get unstuck so you can start moving forward. 

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