Product Launch Formula: Course Review + Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Take It

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What is Product Launch Formula? Let’s start by defining an online launch.

Have you ever gotten invited to a free webinar, masterclass, or live event ?You enter your email address, get registration details, and attend the training. Once it’s over, you are offered the chance to join a paid program or membership. That is a (vastly simplified)  launch. And the entire the process was created by Jeff Walker with Product Launch Formula.

What is Product Launch Formula (PLF)?

Product Launch Formula coaching program is an online course that teaches participants the formula for launching an online course, membership or product online. If you’ve ever been launched to before, the process probably seems pretty straightforward – write a few emails, shoot a few videos and put up a sales page.

The actual process behind successful launches is much more nuanced than that and PLF teaches you how to put a launch together, step by step, even if you don’t have a list.

PLF isn’t a course you can buy any time of year. Jeff opens his Product Launch Formula coaching program once or twice a year. It does happen to be open right now, however, and you can register to get notified of his free trainings here. 

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What does PLF Include?

PLF is a huge course. One of the biggest on the market. Despite that fact, Product Launch Formula’s cost has remained at $1997 for years.

There are 9 modules in the base course, and Jeff has created bonuses to cover any extra questions or concerns you might have. Don’t have a list? There’s a bonus on list building. Worried about writing your email copy? He includes swipe files. Wondering how to customize his formula for your launch? Dozens of case studies cover just about every industry you can imagine.

In addition to the pre-recorded content, Product Launch Formula offers group coaching not only throughout the course delivery, but for several months after it ends. These calls, held with Jeff’s highly skilled coaches from a variety of businesses, are priceless for getting launch questions answered so you can stay on track.

In between calls, there is a very active Facebook group for asking questions. Although Jeff doesn’t answer questions in the group himself, thousands of other launchers who’ve taken the course and had their own successful launches love to offer advice and perspective. With so many people in the group you can almost guarantee someone else has encountered any particular situation you may come across.

Is Product Launch Formula Worth It?

When it comes to online courses, PLF is solid. Every year it gets better as new types of launches are explored and new trainings are added and yet the price hasn’t gone up for years. This makes it one of the best values for online courses just due to sheer volume of content.

But volume of content isn’t the reason to buy the course. Honestly, you shouldn’t even go through the entire course when you’re first starting out. The value of Product Launch Formula is in the way Jeff explains how to apply it to your particular product in your specific market. He explains choosing your avatar and niche. How to determine if there’s a market for your product, and how to recognize the warning signs that your idea may not work out.

Jeff walks you through the psychology of selling, and how to apply that to the way you write your emails. He teaches you about landing pages and what makes a compelling headline.

As your business grows, you’ll be interested in learning about bringing in joint venture partners to help expand your reach, he’s got you covered.

If a launch topic comes up and there’s not currently a teaching for it, Jeff Walker’s coaching team will create it.

The short of it is, yes. Product Launch Formula is as good as everyone says.

What Type of Situation is Perfect for PLF?

When I was first starting out with my online business I spent several years trying to get it off the ground. I created the content, figured out how to set up a landing page, and posted about it on Facebook.

I spent two years and a whole lot of money trying to figure out why that wasn’t working. PLF would have saved me that time and money.

If you can swing it, I think PLF is perfect for someone who has an idea about something they want to offer online. You don’t need a website (in fact I don’t recommend you have one when you’re first starting out).

You don’t need a big list of people, you don’t need a huge social media following.

You need an idea, preferably one that you have sold to people before or have some experience with, although that isn’t even always necessary.

You also need the time to go through the course and implement the steps. Product Launch Formula is not magic. You can’t buy the program, listen to a few trainings, decide you’ve gotten the gist of it and then get mad if it doesn’t work. It’s a formula. You need to follow the formula.

Who is Not Right for PLF?

Product Launch Formula is not right for people who are looking for a get rich quick process. Although launching is fun, and gives you a whole lot of flexibility to create your dream life, it is hard work. Particularly at the beginning. If you’re not willing to do the work, this is not your program.

PLF is also not for people who are afraid to go in and figure out the tech necessary to have an online business. While you can hire people to do some of the tech for you, deciding you’re going to outsource every piece of it is the equivalent of opening a store on your local corner and refusing to learn how to run the cash register because it’s not your thing.

With the flexibility and freedom of owning an online business comes the necessity of learning some tech. It’s just the way it is. Either you want the online business bad enough to learn it, or you don’t. Only you know.

Another word about Product Launch Formula and tech

It is important to realize that the Product Launch Formula program does not cover setting up the tech you’ll need to launch. There is a Tech Stack which gives you names of companies providing the various services you’ll need to purchase (email service provider, landing page software, etc.), but there is no training on how to set up those services. If you’d like more information on those services, you might want to read Types of Launches and the Tech You’ll Need for Each.

Although you do need to be willing to learn some tech, there are people (like me) who can teach it to you. I specialize in helping people set up the tech they need in order to launch online. You can find out more here. 

Alternatives to Product Launch Formula

When it comes to launch training, there is no second best to Jeff Walker. He is the creator of the online launch process. If, however, the price is not in your budget, there are a few other ways you can benefit from his knowledge

Pay attention to Jeff’s Walker’s launch. Register for any free training he offers. Many people have built wildly successful launches based on Jeff’s free training alone. I own Product Launch Formula and have for years and I still attend the free training every year. It’s that good.

Read Launch by Jeff Walker. While it won’t give you all of the details or go as deep as the Product Launch Formula coaching program, it will give you an overview of Jeff’s launch process so you can determine if it resonates with you before you buy.

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If you’re looking for a program that will teach you the nuances of launching your online course or membership, you can’t do better than Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. It has everything you need to have a successful launch if you just follow the formula.

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