The Skills Every Launch VA Must Have

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Everyone is launching something online. Courses on dog training, cake decorating, becoming a homeschooler, speaking at live events.

Right now it seems like THE WAY to make tons of money while working online. And many business owners and non-business owners alike want to join in on the fun and launch their own thing.

The problem is, launches are technical. Even the most simple launch require some level of tech skills. Let’s face it, launches are not trending toward more simple, in fact, they seem to get more complicated daily. And there are a lot of people who want to launch but don’t have the skill, or the time, to do it themselves.

Enter a new type of VA: the Launch VA. A virtual assistant who specializes in the techniques of launching. While some VAs grow with a client and move into launching as the business grows do, others have a very unique set of skills designed to help business owners move quickly from idea to launch.

These are the skills a good Launch VA will need to know:

How to Set up and Use Analytics

Knowing and understanding numbers is the secret behind every successful launch. It’s about more than just the number of people on a client’s list, although that’s a good place to start.  You need to know how many people are opening each email, how many are clicking the links, and who is visiting the landing and sales pages. If video is being used she can also tell at what point people stop watching the videos and figure out why they’re clicking away.

In order to know those numbers, a little work has to be done before a launch even starts. Pixels and analytic trackers must be installed on pages and websites. A Launch VA needs to know how to install pixels and tracking codes on a client’s site and relevant pages. Once the trackers are installed, the VA must know how to interpret the data at the end of the launch. These numbers are the most important piece of gauging where a launch was successful and where it went wrong, and many business owners don’t even know how to set them up.

How to Integrate Opt-ins, Landing Pages and Email Autoresponders

Critical to a successful launch is an engaged email list and you can’t get an engaged list without an opt in funnel. This is where many people get stopped in their tracks. While a new business owner may not even understand they need to collect data for analytics, most often they KNOW they need a funnel, but can’t figure out all the steps.

A Launch VA knows the process behind setting up and integrating the tools used in an opt in funnel to make sure a potential new subscriber:

  • lands on the right landing page
  • is added added to correct list on the email service provider
  • receives the freebie they requested
  • begins receiving the proper email nurture sequence

How to Create High Quality Freebies

Freebies are used in other ways besides as a way to build a list. In fact, often business owners have new freebies created weekly as a way to add value to their blog posts, videos or podcasts. Getting freebies designed and delivered is something business owners shouldn’t need to worry about.

When given freebie content, a Launch VA can send it off to be designed or edited by an outside contractor and make sure it follows brand standards. She can then upload it to the website site for hosting and connect it to the proper sequence.

How to Upload and Embed Videos on Landing Pages and Websites

Video is a huge part of online marketing today. A Launch VA knows how send completed videos off to a video editor and then check it to make sure it meets brand standards. She’ll be able to upload the edited to a hosting site and embed it where ever it needs to go.

How to Manage a Launch Calendar and Keep the Team Accountable and On-Time

Stellar calendar management is critical for a successful launch. Experienced Launch VAs understand launch timelines, know when dates are firm and when they are flexible. She understands how to make sure the project stays on track. Many also use programs such as Teamwork Project Management, Asana or to make sure tasks are assigned to the right people, to ensure the team is organized and on-time.

Launch VAs are a special type of Virtual Assistant. It takes a lot of skill, coordination and organization to be a successful launch VA and lead a client through the launch process. It’s more than tech skills, it’s an overall understanding of how a launch works. It’s the ability to keep multiple balls in the air at the same time. Launch VAs don’t have to do all the work themselves, but they do have to know who is doing it, and that it is getting done.

The Launch VA Difference

A great Launch VA is a highly trained, trusted professional, and will become a valuable member of any team. An experienced Launch VA can command up to $75/hour for their services and still be in high demand.

Big launches are the bread and butter behind many online businesses. With the right Launch VA, they go smoothly with less stress and more success.

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