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Tracie Shroyer | Launch Manager

Imagine how different your business will be once you've dialed in your launches

  • First time launcher? I can help to plan your launch and implement the steps you need to take to finally offer your product to the world
  • Launched already? Let me dig through your numbers and figure out what worked and what can be done differently to improve your results
  • Ready to take your launch to the next level? Now that you've gotten some experience under your belt, let's take a look at what you can add to improve your numbers - and your income.
Join my VIP Experience!

Do you want to uplevel your online program using a launch,

but need expert-level help?

You know it's time to offer your program to more people and finally grow your business and increase your revenue by launching it online, but there are a lot of pieces to keep track of and things to know.

Even if you've launched before, it get overwhelming trying to understand which tasks absolutely have to be done, and which are simply nice to have the next time around.

That's where I come in. As a launch manager with years of experience (I've been doing this since 2015), I know what will move the needle in your business.

Tracie knows her stuff! She's super easy to work with, and results happen fast.
When you get an opportunity to work with Tracie, do it!

— Patrick H.
Chino, CA

Don't Worry...

I know what you need!

Launching is what I do best.

Whether you've laid out a plan before and then realized you didn't have the tools and skills to get it done, or you are planning your first launch, my VIP Launch Program is designed to move you from launch idea to launch completion.

Some of the types things that we can do during your VIP Experience...

  • Customized Launch Plan
  • Landing page creation
  • Email automations set up
  • Team management
  • Tech set up
  • Scripts & Copy edited
  • Videos embedded
  • Webinars set up
Book a VIP Launch Experience$1200

Why go VIP?

A fair question. After all... I've offered my group 5-week Get Launched! Bootcamps successfully for years. It was in that work I realized the value of a tailoring a day just to you and what you need to get your launch done.

VIP Launch Experiences are one-on-one. That means you get my focused attention on YOUR online marketing.

Time is money. If you want to start making money quickly, you don't want to wait 5-weeks to learn how.

Most importantly, you get your launch done now... not "sometime." How will the rest of your year look once you've launched successfully?

Get the VIP Launch Experience

Here's how it works...

Finish your launch in 5 steps,

rather than 5 weeks...

  • Once you've registered, you'll receive an onboarding questionnaire specifically designed to extract the info I need to complete your launch.
  • I'll comb through your questionnaire, make notes and put together a preliminary launch plan.
  • We'll meet for 60 minutes to go over the preliminary plan and I'll offer suggestions, identify areas of concern and discuss what you want me to accomplish during your VIP day.
  • Your 6-hour Launch VIP Day will focus on me completing the pieces of your plan that need the most attention. From reviewing copy, to setting up landing pages, to integrating tech, I'll work through whatever you most need done in order for your launch to be a success.
  • We'll have a follow up call (60 minutes) where you can ask questions, get review on final pieces or work through challenges before you hit "send" on your first launch emails.

You'll also have access to a private Slack channel where you will be able to privately ask me questions for 90 days after your VIP day.

Hi, I'm Tracie

I've helped dozens of people launch and I'm ready to help you.

Whether from the stage at Jeff Walker's Launch Club events, through my Get Launched! Bootcamps or in working with one-on-one clients, I've helped more people launch their online courses, memberships and programs than I can count.

When you work with me you're not just getting theory, you're getting practical, real-world advice, experience - and most importantly - implementation to get your launch finished so you can start making money.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If, after our first meeting together, you decide the VIP Launch Day is not for you, you get your money back.

No questions asked.

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I've got A's for your Q's

How much can you get done in a day?

The amount I'm able to finish depends largely on how much you've already started. Although there are no prerequisites for how much work you need to have done, the more you have, the faster I can be.

I've been stuck on this launch stuff for months, how are you going to get it done so quickly?

I love launching. It's what I do. So those tasks that are driving you up a wall? They are my genius zone. It's very likely that they very things that are making you crazy will make my heart sing and I'll be able to accomplish them quickly and efficiently.

What happens during the 6-hour VIP Launch Day?

On your preparation call day, we'll set a date for your VIP Launch Day when you can be fully available to answer any questions that come up while I'm working.

While you won't be working with me during that day, it's important I'm not sidelined by questions that can only be answered by you.

On your VIP day, I spend 6 hours of focused time working through the list of tasks you gave to me, asking questions as needed.

Is this for me?

If you've been wanting to launch and are stuck on certain tasks, or if you're overwhelmed by what needs to be done, this can be the perfect solution for busting through your obstacles and getting things done.

If you haven't started your launch yet, don't have an email list, an idea for a product or know who you want to sell to, I have other options that would be better for you. Email me to find out more.

When can I get started?

Right away! Once you've clicked the link to sign up, you'll receive a questionnaire to fill out that will give me critical information about what you want to accomplish. You will then be prompted to select a time for your 60-min VIP preparation call.  

What if I need more than one day?

On our preparation call day, we'll go over everything you hope to have me accomplish. I'll let you know at that time if am likely to be able to complete it, or if I think you'll need an extra day or more.

Can I choose my VIP Launch Day date now?

I know you're excited, but in order to make this experience as smooth as possible, we'll book the VIP Launch Day call while on the VIP preparation call. This will allow us to identify holes that may need filling and let you know what I may need from you before the Day can happen.  

Do you offer refunds?

If, during our preparation call, we determine that the VIP Launch Experience isn't going to be a good fit for you, I'll happily refund your money.

Once the day has been scheduled and paid, there are no refunds available.  

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The VIP Experience Will Take You...

from overwhelmed and frustrated to confident and successful with a tailored approach unique to you and your business. Finally get your launch off the ground and grow your business by busting through that list of launch tasks that is holding you back for releasing your gift to the world.