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20 Ways to Use Virtual Assistants in Your Launch

It will change your life!

by Tracie in General, TIme to Launch
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This is the fourth part in a four-part series on hiring and working with Virtual Assistants. You can find the part one here: “When Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?”

The last few weeks I have been talking a lot about virtual assistants: how to hire a VA, where to find a VA, how to find a VA who treats your business like her own.

This week I decided to shoot a video to talk about the different ways you can use a VA to do launches, because I think it’s really common for entrepreneurs to get into a mindset where we think we are the only ones who can do our business. We decide it is  just easier to do it ourselves than to train somebody else to do it for us.

Starting to build your team and hiring your first VA is very much the same. In the video I  explain how what a well trained VA and a clean kitchen have in common, my tips for making training as painless and effective as possible and I’ll talk launching. You probably don’t realize the many ways a VA can make your launch easier and more effective.

This week’s video is the final in my blog series about working with and hiring virtual assistants. There are several blog posts in the series and some really great opt ins, if I do say so myself! Things like:

How to Successfully Work with a Virtual Assistant.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Who Treats Your Business As Her Own.

How to Know When to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

I even tell you about the difference between an eagle and a goat. You don’t want to miss that, right? So make sure you take a look at those posts.

Did I cover it all?

Oh, you want the list of launch tasks a VA can help you with??? Well, I thought of a few after the video was made, here they are off the top of my head.

  1. Do audience research
  2. Create landing pages for your videos
  3. Embed videos on your site, course or landing page
  4. Create a sales page using your copy.
  5. Schedule social media
  6. Go through past content you’ve written/published/recorded to find nuggets to use in your emails/landing pages.
  7. Create launch specific graphics in Canva using your colors and past designs for all of your social media accounts.
  8. Install and check FB pixels to make sure they’re firing
  9. Create a social media plan based on the release of your PLCs so all your social media accounts are around the subject of your PLC.
  10. Turn your PLC scripts into transcripts
  11. Find relevant photos/graphics (credit card icons, dollar signs, etc.) for your pages.
  12. Find video editors/transcribers, etc. on your behalf.
  13. Moderate your webinars if there will be any
  14. Field customer service questions
  15. Load materials into your course or membership
  16. Test and troubleshoot all of your emails/links/payment options
  17. Research payment options
  18. Find blogs/podcasts where you can appear as a guest
  19. Preschedule all of your regular weekly content to go out after your launch while you’re busy delivering your content
  20. Respond to questions on your social media accounts

Did I miss any? What else have you used a virtual assistant to do during a launch? What do you want them to do for you?

  1. Hey Tracie, I’m looking for additional revenue streams and thinking I want to figure out a niche such as Launch Tech VA. Are there VA’s out there that strictly handle launches for people or is it more common for clients to work with the VA’s that they have doing their other VA stuff?

    1. Tracie says:

      Hi Robyn!

      There are virtual assistants who specifically handle launches, but it’s probably more common to be a VA who has a client who launches. Then launches are just one component of what you would do for that particular client. I’m constantly asked for the names of VAs who know how to do the technical aspects of setting up a launch. There are very few out there!

  2. claudia says:

    Hi Tracie, I saw all your blog posts and I just saw your video. I’d like to know if you recorded it with thank you for all the information you provided here.

    1. Tracie says:

      Hi Claudia! I DO use ViewedIt (which now has changed it’s name to Vidyard, but this video was just shot on my phone during a Facebook Live and then uploaded to Youtube.

      Viewedit/Vidyard is for screen capture videos. I use that when I have to show someone key strokes I’m using on my own computer so they can follow along on theirs. It’s not live, I send them a link to the video I’ve recorded for them.

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