How to Integrate ActiveCampaign with a WordPress Website

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You’ve set up your email service, but how do you integrate Activecampaign with a WordPress website? Well, it turns out there are two different ways to add ActiveCampaign to WordPress!

How to integrate ActiveCampaign with a WordPress website using the WordPress plug-in

The first way to set up an ActiveCampaign WordPress integration is to use the ActiveCampaign WordPress plugin. This is by far the easiest way to integrate the two services. Any changes you make on ActiveCampaign will go live on your website as soon as they’ve been saved. There’s no need to update or refresh the integration.

You can find the plug in in the apps area of your ActiveCampaign account, as shown below…

ActiveCampaign App WordPress


Do a search for WordPress in the upper right corner to quickly sort through the hundreds of app integrations ActiveCampaign has to offer:

Wordpress App ActiveCampaign


Once you’ve clicked on the WordPress icon in the apps dashboard, you’ll be taken to more information about the WordPress plug in for ActiveCampaign. Scroll down and click on the green box to the right of “Download our WP plug in to get started.”

Wordpress Plugin ActiveCampaign


Once you click that green button, you’ll be taken to the ActiveCampaign WordPress plug in Download screen.

ActiveCampaign WordPress plug in Download



Like all WordPress plugins, the download will be a .zip file. Save that file to your computer and remember where you saved it. You’ll need that entire file in a minute. DO NOT unzip the file.

Download ActiveCampaign Plugin


Log in to your WordPress site to add the ActiveCampaign form plugin.  Navigate to your Plugins screen and click “Add New.” You’ll need to Choose File and navigate to the area on your computer where you saved your .zip file

Add ActiveCampaign Plugin to WordPress


Now you’ll set up your ActiveCampaign WordPress integration. You need to connect the two services.

ActiveCampaign WordPress Integration API

You will be prompted to enter your API Credentials from ActiveCampaign in order to set up your WordPress Integration.

Go back over to your ActiveCampaign Settings sidebar menu and scroll down to Developer..

Wordpress Developer Menu ActiveCampaign


In the Developer menu, you’ll see your API Url and API Key. Cut and paste the values in those fields into the WordPress plug in ActiveCampaign settings. Do not alter these values and do not reset them. Do not share them with anyone. For security reasons, I am purposefully not sharing my screen for those values here.

ActiveCampaign API Settings

Once the API credentials have been set up, WordPress will pull your ActiveCampaign information in based on the forms you have set up on your Active Campaign account. If you look at the list below, you’ll see a few of my forms. We”ll work with the first one – LaunchThings. Click on “Copy Shortcode” to put the form shortcode on your clipboard.

ActiveCampaign Wordpress plugin form settings


Go to the page or post where you want the form to appear. For this article, I started a new post. You’ll see that there is now an ActiveCampaign icon on the editor tools in the toolbar.

ActiveCampaign Wordpress integration button


Here a little window pops up that appears to do nothing. Maybe it’s a temporary glitch…  it appears that you should be able to choose your form from a dropdown menu here but it wasn’t working the day I wrote this article and it’s not really necessary. You can click the “x” and close it out. If you forgot to copy your form code earlier, you can find it by clicking the blue “Settings page” link.

ActiveCampaign Form Integration Wordpress


On the post editor, click on the Text tab and paste the form shortcode from your clipboard.
ActiveCampaign Form Code for Wordpress post



Note, you will not see the form in the post unless you preview that post. If you click preview, it should look like this:


ActiveCampaign WordPress Form


Any changes you want to make to the form are done in ActiveCampaign. When you make a form change in ActiveCampaign, the integration with WordPress means that the changes will go live on WordPress as soon as you change them in ActiveCampaign.

How to Add an ActiveCampaign Form to a WordPress Site Using Embed codes

It’s also possible to simply embed an ActiveCampaign form on a WordPress site. This option requires a few extra steps, and may require a little finessing, but it is also pretty straightforward.

To embed an ActiveCampaign form on a WordPress site, first create your form on ActiveCampaign. When you’re finished, hit the blue Integrate button…

Integrate ActiveCampaign form with WordPress


Then get the Simple Embed form code from the Integrations screen, select the full line of code and copy it.

Embed Code ActiveCampaign form on WordPress

Paste the code into the text editor on the WordPress page or post where you want the form to appear:

ActiveCampaign Form Integration WordPress


When you preview the form, you’ll see how it looks on your page or post. Any changes you want to make to the form must be done on ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign Form on WordPress Page


Congratulations! You now know how to integrate ActiveCampaign with a WordPress website. Whichever method you chose, when someone enters their email address on the form embedded on your website, they will get added to your list on ActiveCampaign.

If you’d like more information on ActiveCampaign, I have a screenshot tutorial you may find helpful here. And if you’re stuck and need some help, I can help. You can find my tech support packages here.

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