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Helping Entrepreneurs Set Up a Businesses Online is My Appendectomy: What’s Yours?

What is easy to you, but seems impossible for someone else?

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Is Launch Tech Your Appendectomy?

Have you ever watched someone else do something that seems impossible and thought, “I could never do that! How is that even possible?” Maybe you feel that way when you think about how to set up a business online.

I had one of those moments a while ago. And it all had to do with a hospital and surgeon. 

My youngest son rarely complains about anything, especially when it comes to pain or illness. This is the kid whose ear drums would burst when he was little without any mention of an ear ache and who protested a trip to the ER last winter after driving a knife through his hand with a hammer (He was trying to open a Sharpie to see if there was ink left in it).

So when I found out he was in tremendous pain a few summers ago, I knew a trip to the ER was in order.

At 9:30pm, I dropped him off at the door to the ER so I could park the car. Precisely 4 hours later, at 2:30am, I was picking him up at the same door minus his appendix.

In four hours, he’d arrived, been diagnosed, had his appendix removed and was on his way home to sleep in his own bed.

I couldn’t believe it.

My family couldn’t believe it. Heck, they’d all gone to bed the night before thinking he had the stomach flu and woke up to find out he’d had his appendix taken out while they were sleeping. My mom must have asked if I was joking 10 times.

See, an appendectomy used to be a big deal. Five days in the hospital was considered a quick recovery. Four hours was the stuff of science fiction.

But for this surgeon, who knew how to use all of the technology available to him, an appendectomy was a walk in the park. Nothing at all to be concerned about. Something he could do at midnight – while everyone else was asleep.

In your business, what is so easy to you that you can do it without thinking twice, almost in your sleep?

For me, it’s helping online entrepreneurs rewrite their internal stories so they can smash through their roadblocks and release their product to the world.

The steps that paralyze others are second nature to me. It’s my appendectomy.

What about you? What can you easily do to help others? What’s your appendectomy?

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Are You Ready to Hire a VA but Don't Know Where to Start?

What type of VA is right for you?

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