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Online Business Can Be Confusing

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by Tracie in General
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I have sons. I also have a daughter, but for the purpose of this blog, we’re going to talk about my sons. One in particular.

Now an adult, he was recently a 15-year-old boy whose friends meant the world to him. More, apparently, than his mom.

I know this because just a few weeks after stopping him from spending $150 on a birthday gift for a friend at school, my birthday came around. Although I don’t expect the kids to spend a lot of money on my birthday, I do think it’s important for them to show appreciation in some form that is meaningful.

For my birthday I got… gum.

Now, this wouldn’t have been a problem but for one thing… I don’t chew gum. Not only do I not chew gum, I am annoyed by the vast majority of people who do. See the problem wasn’t that he bought me a few bucks worth of gum when he was about to spend $150 on a friend he no longer remembers the name of, the problem was he didn’t know his audience. He liked gum, he figured I’d like gum.

So, this week, I’m switching up the blog a bit. This week instead of offering you a useful tip or two, I’d like to ask for your help. I want to make sure I’m offering you something you would really love. Not gum. I’m not offering you gum.

Last week I mentioned I’m putting the final touches on my Launch Tech Blueprint: The Step by Step Companion Course to Get Your Launch Off The Ground. 

I am so excited about this course you wouldn’t believe it. It’s been a long process to get it all put together, but I have to admit, it’s been a lot of fun figuring out what to include to make it really amazingly useful for you.

I want to make sure that I’ve covered everything, but I’m a little too close to the project right now. Now that I’m almost finished I’d love to get some feedback. I promise, it will just take a quick minute, it’s just one question.

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Thanks so much!

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Online Business Can Be Confusing

Don't know where to start?

Get a Roadmap for Online Business