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Ways I Can Help You Launch! 

All You Want is to Help People.  

And you can reach more people with an online course than you could ever do one-on-one.  

Creating an online course is one thing, but launching it is a whole different ballgame.  

There’s the strategy: what are the actual steps you need to take so you can start selling that course? And there’s technology: tools and apps, integration and automation. It can get pretty confusing!  

Helping you move past your tech challenges so you can focus on your area of expertise is my specialty. From service and platform integrations to launch sequences and strategy, my genius zone is showing you how to focus on yours.  

You have too much to offer the world to let a few tech challenges get in your way. I can help online business owners like you cut through the overwhelming amount of marketing theory and techniques to identify what will work best for your unique business. 

Launch Support & Strategy

Wish you had a launch expert you could work with to talk through strategy, implement the tech and make sure you’ve got everything you need to launch?  

Want to see how we can work together?

Schedule a free inquiry call with me today to find out.  

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Launch Timeline Calculator

Planning to launch, but don’t feel like working out the dates for every step? This interactive launch calendar allows you to plug in the date you want to launch and tells you the deadlines and milestone dates for each step along the way. 

Alternately, put in today's date and the calculator will figure out how quickly you can launch. How easy is that? 

Launch Academy (coming soon)

Expand your business by learning launch systems, processes and timelines. 

  • Know how to plan & implement a launch so you can offer it as a paid service
  • Understand all the pieces so you can make the right choices when launching -> make more sales
  • Save time & money from doing a “big” course that’ll take you 3 months to get through and even longer to implement!

Launch Tech Blueprint (relaunching soon) 

Want to launch but aren't sure how to implement all of the pieces? 

In this, Do it Yourself launch course, you'll learn all of the steps for launching and how to put them into place. You'll learn about landing pages, opt-in forms, autoresponder sequences: what they are AND how to set them up and make sure they're all working. 

Launch Tech Blueprint teaches everything you need to set up your own launch, from setting up your first list to closing your shopping cart.