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Working on the Road

Permission to Kick Ass is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs and people with big, ambitious dreams. This show will help you leave self-doubt in the dust, punch fear square in the face and take bold action toward those big business building goals.

When life gives you lemons… you know how it goes. But what about when life gives you a mentor that gently tells you that your business probably isn’t going to work? In this really fun episode with Angie Colee we talk about that – did I curl up in a ball in a corner and rock myself to sleep or did something much more unusual happen – you’ll have to tune in to find out. 

Since Angie is a fellow traveler, we also discussed sewer hook ups, bad wifi and pet friendly places to stay when you travel. We swap stories about life on the road and the tips and tricks we both use to keep our travel focused on fun and adventure rather than work. 

One of my favorite podcasts I’ve done to date, check out Permission to Kick Ass with Angie Colee.

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